1. Navigate to app.contellio.com
  2. Open account menu in the top right corner and select Brand Assets option

3. Brand assets are divided into four sub-sections: 

  • Important files like brand identity guidelines (CI), style books, logos, fonts, colour pallets, etc.
  • Our design wizard will take 30 seconds to complete and will answer questions important to Contellio but often omitted from CI documents
  • Voiceover preferences - we present you with a selection of voiceover artists for you to chose from. If you select one, we will use that person to record all voiceovers for you in the future. 
  • Additional instructions is an open-ended question about all other important things you may want to share with us. Clients often put inspirations from contellio.com/browse here as well as DOs and DONTs about their brand and content. 

It's highly encouraged to compete all 4 steps to give us as much information as possible about your brand. 

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